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Foundations of Career Management Skills for Students

Guiding Principles

Leben macht Schule is committed to explore human personality and passion, because we believe the connection of both is a requirement for a health life and career managementAnd as skills are always action-oriented, they can only be learned through activities. Self-study guides won´t affect students in their real life. Therefore LMS provides an experienced coach with the programme to support learning experiences and help in social interactions. In this way knowledge, personality and passion can be combined -  for the "Big Picture" in students´ lives and careers and a cutting-edge career management!

Students say:


“In the seminar I could think about things that are really important for my future.” 

—  Laura, student

Seminar Impressions

Identity, Career Management

Boarding School, Castle Salem (D)

Basic Training LmS

Scola Vinavon Ilanz

"As a Life and Job Coach, it is my heart to support people in their development. Life is not just about the right profession, but about your passions! LEBEN MACHT SCHULE has exactly the right programme to connect life with the foundations of a successful career. It enables to do self - motivated action steps. Students in every area of education can self - confidently turn their dreams into reality "

Tim Seefeld, Founder of LEBEN MACHT SCHULE

Leben macht Schule and Education

"Education is designed to help people reflect on their own place in the world and to think about what sustainable development means for their own lives and life in society."

Swiss Lehrplan 21 "Education for Sustainable Development"