Becoming self-confident through self-awareness

One of my most interesting realizations in more than 15 years of work with teenagers and young adults is how frequently people have expressed their desire for more self-confidence. To know more about how to behave, to make decisions, to have clear opinions and to make one's dreams a reality. Most people wish to just swing their magic wand so they would be famous, rich, self-confident and unerring overnight. But in order to become more self-aware, it takes work, patience and also a good portion of courage. This process will certainly not get boring and the reward exceeds the effort by far! Another hope-spending realization was, that people sometimes simply don't know how to overcome the obsta

The Requirements for Success

What are the requirements for my success? What helps me to successfully implement my goals and expectations? Broadly speaking, personal success has two main pillars: expertise and personal skills. This is not a vague assumption but recognized and confirmed by leaders in business and science many times. Academic knowledge is nowadays easy to obtain, it is - at least in the parts of the digitalized world - everywhere accessible and comparatively easy to learn. Any student today can bring his teacher into an embarrassing situation by googling the latest insights about a topic to than surprise the teacher with the latest facts. Personal skills, on the other hand, are difficult to learn. Why? I

Doing Things Right, or Doing the Right Thing?

"You did everything, absolutely everything right." In education, we have the daily challenge: what will students / apprentices need in the future, not only to get along, but to be self-motivated and innovative? To fuel our economy and our society? What are the activities that actually support this? Many providers in the field of formal and informal education are already trying to create numerous great solutions here. All in all, the most important information for us is: It´s not about "Doing everything right (and maybe even more)", but about "Doing the right thing". The balance between the impartation of academic knowledge and the help for the actual application of knowledge must be establis

OECD Studie "Education and social progress"

Here is the OECD study on education and social progress. Interesting are the manifold possibilities to fight negative social developments through targeted work on personal skills.

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