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"It is my passion to open spaces to people to experience themselve, develop, learn and find their way."

"After completing my studies in sports science (Main topic:" spaces for social interaction for young people today ") and geography, I moved into the field of personal development and team training. I completed two internships in outdoor education, started to work as a trainer,  finished my coaching certification and further trainings to start my professional career in the coaching realm. I provided team development seminars for companies and in the same time, I was teaching in schools accumulating valuable "insider" experience in the field of education for many years. For 5 years I am conducting research in the field of teaching social skills now and since 2015 I am implementing the LmS programme  in schools and recently extended the programme to higher education institutions. Right now, I`m in the process of finishing my Certificate of Advanced Studies in Jobcoaching. I am dedicated myself to a higher emotional intelligence, better self awareness and successful relationship and leadership skills - for a future generation of active participants in society"

Tim Seefeld
Director and Coach LmS 
Certified Coach
CAS Jobcoaching
Mary Lee Seefeld
 Administration LmS

It is unique every time again to see how young people flourish when they discover their own potential! 

As a Highschool teacher I've seen how necessary it is in recent years not just to teach young people important academic knowledge, but to help them understand important personal topics in their lives. With all the many decision making they need to do, it's getting harder and harder to select, due to the multi optional society we are living in. As a teacher, however, the balance is hard to realise provide social skills in addition to the academical knowledge. Therefore, we want to offer an external support with LmS: Not only for a better career management of the learners, but also for the relief of the faculty. Thats what I am passionate about!

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