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In the world of education, we are currently experiencing an interesting period of change. There is a growing need for new challenges in the classroom, because the academic knowledge or “book knowledge” isn’t easily and often enough integrated into the context of one's own (working) life. Secondary and University students now have so many possibilities as never before. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied by a lack of social knowledge, emotional intelligence, knowledge of one's own goals and abilities. But this is precisely what our society and the economy needs today: self confident, target-oriented and socially competent employees. Academic knowledge today is considered a basic requirement and is easily accessible. The difference is thus made by employees, who are also top-notch in their self-management and are able to apply their social skills in a targeted manner.

Kommunikation lernen, Leben macht Schule

The impartation of a solid foundation for one's own career development (career management skills)  has therefore become essential in order to stay up to date with these current developments as an educational institution. These skills enable students to bridge the gap between one´s expertise and passion and connect them! That´s where the greatest benefit is generated for everyone.

The name "Leben macht Schule" is based on 2 statements:

  • Education is not just about learning expertise, but also about acquiring emotional intelligence to shape one's life. This allows us to develop in other fields as well.

  • When something "macht Schule", it becomes better known, it improves and becomes more excellent. We want to help people to plan and shape their lives more confidently. It's not about perfectionism. It's about full potential development!


The great aim of education is not knowledge but acting "

Herbert Spencer, engl. philosopher and social scientist

  1. Useful Foundations for the career management of students.

  2. Better transitions between school/education and working life with highly motivated career starters.

  3. Reduction of economic costs through i.e.  apprenticeship / job drop-outs, therapies, etc.

  4. Engaged and motivated citizens in social and political processes (see OECD study).

  5. Generate the big picture of one´s personality from different "puzzle pieces".

  6. Building career management skills with the modules in team and leadership skills.

  7. Relief of the faculty by our external and pragmatic offer.

Laufbahn gestalten
Advantages of LmS

We strongly believe that personality development is more than just a tool to simplify career choices and integrate young adults easier into work life. It can be a great tool to build a healthy personality, and then build a successful career. It´s not the personality to be adapted to the job - the job should fit with your own personality (-> vocation, self-motivation). Unfortunately self-awareness is often poorly developed, so that all subsequent learning processes often build on a "leaning" foundation. The LMS programme is designed to help finding one´s "calling" by starting a process that supports in career management from the "foundation to the top". It imparts topics not just theoretically but also practically.

Guided Programme: Coach helps in the process

An experienced personal-development coach leads the programme. Skills are action- and person-related, therefore it is important that they are also actively experienced and learned together with others. This can only happen in a guided and hands-on setting, not just in self-study lessons. This is difficult for a teacher to provide as he/she will obtain a second role then, which creates obstacles for students to open up in sensitive issues of the identity development. An external coach can provide this intimate environment easier. 

No further effort for the Institution

The conceptualisation and implementation of the programme is completely carried out by us - of course fine-tuned and communicated with the institution. So we offer a complete package! Teachers have to spend longer time studying the subject matter or attending advanced training courses, which costs working hours and training fees, but still does not generate the same process experience of a professional coach. In addition, you save the cost of monthly license fees for online programs, as well as costs for materials and workbooks.

An overall process

LmS offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary process that brings together topics, that would otherwise be taught by different teachers (Career Counselling, Ethics, Economics, Psychology, ...) into one concept. We start with discovering one´s identity to activate self-motivation and we round up the process with team and leadership skills for the personal career design. The process is interlinked, the modules build onto each other and its easy to incorporate the topics into one´s life, which often remains abstract in lessons for career management.

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Through the provision of basic career skills (Career Management Skills), LmS enables each participant to consciously and lastingly connect their expertise with their strengths, beliefs and passions. The unique modular system of the programme reveals the relationships between the personal requirements and the professional and social environment. It is not about single strength or vocational test, but the combination of our modules into a whole, meaningful picture. We want to put into practice what the SBFI 2012 has described as follows:

"Particular attention must be given to the promotion of excellence within the framework of the efforts to locate, and to mobilize as well as, insufficiently exploited potential for talent in Switzerland."
Embassy on the promotion of education, research and innovation in the years 2013-2016, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation


Career Management Skills are key competencies that can be used for life and career development. Here is a good definition for  CMS:

"Career Management Skills" are a set of competences that enable individuals and groups to systematically and purposefully obtain, analyze, summarize, and share information about themselves, education, employment, and employment opportunities and the ability to make and implement decisions, as well as coping positively with the changes involved (Sultana 2009, p.3).

Examples are skills like

Relationship skills

Decision making capability
Ability to motivate

Conflict resolution skills
and many more...