Doing Things Right, or Doing the Right Thing?

"You did everything, absolutely everything right."

In education, we have the daily challenge: what will students / apprentices need in the future, not only to get along, but to be self-motivated and innovative? To fuel our economy and our society? What are the activities that actually support this? Many providers in the field of formal and informal education are already trying to create numerous great solutions here.

All in all, the most important information for us is: It´s not about "Doing everything right (and maybe even more)", but about "Doing the right thing".

The balance between the impartation of academic knowledge and the help for the actual application of knowledge must be established, because: "The great aim in education is not knowledge but action!" For this, it requires an efficient coordination of the teaching process of skills in educational institutions. Not a variety of activities, but a meaningful process is important.

It´s obvious for quite a time now that nowadays people are needed who can deal with dynamic markets and high levels of economic uncertainty - the keyword is VUCA (VUCA?). Requirements for that: networking, openness, participation, agility and trust! However, these skills are not taught in the form of academic knowledge. And since the time budgets of educational institutions are limited, but the economic change is already there, we should have a high interest in designing the processes of teaching skills effectively and promptly.

The educational institutions therefore have the (quite difficult) task of adapting their offer, so that the academic knowledge is better balanced with social knowledge. This balance will ultimately enable a better uptake of the academic content.

LMS offers a customizable concept for the impartation of personal skills using the resources (events, activities, etc.) of the educational institution. It is fitted into the day-to-day life of the facility and the activities are coordinated and linked to a coherent process. This enables students to experience and try out new skills, to reflect them and, above all, to use them consciously. The goal is that people can act confidently and purposefully being abled to make descisions in a multi-optional world.

The knowledge of our world is currently doubling every 2 years. Anyone who tries to keep up with this speed in the knowledge transfer is doomed to failure. Our question should be, what every individual needs to be able to respond to today's situation with motivation and to keep his head above the flood of knowledge in our information society. LMS offers the conceptualization for your institution / company. Without any further booking obligation. We want to initiate and foster new ways of thinking in the impartation of social knowledge.

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