Becoming self-confident through self-awareness

One of my most interesting realizations in more than 15 years of work with teenagers and young adults is how frequently people have expressed their desire for more self-confidence. To know more about how to behave, to make decisions, to have clear opinions and to make one's dreams a reality. Most people wish to just swing their magic wand so they would be famous, rich, self-confident and unerring overnight.

But in order to become more self-aware, it takes work, patience and also a good portion of courage. This process will certainly not get boring and the reward exceeds the effort by far!

Another hope-spending realization was, that people sometimes simply don't know how to overcome the obstacles that keeps them from learning more about themselves. But we can eliminate this gap with an appropriate social learning process. In regard of the necessary skills for future jobs and even our everyday life, we must open opportunities for this process in education. It needs room to support young people to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, because there are multiple. Here are the two examples:

  1. We live in a multi-optional society, therefore an excellent self-management and increased social skills are needed to know on which basis we make our decisions and how to select.

  2. The management structures in business are drastically changing towards more agility, as industrial working arrangements no longer fit to our current economic reality. Thus we need an understanding of how we incorporate our talents in teams and how to build flexible working structures.

The more independence and freedom is given in a society, the more we have to be self-aware, being abled to handle this freedom - not being overwhelmed by it. The understanding of our possibilities grows through becoming aware of one's own abilities and self-efficacy. And with that grows our own self-confidence.

Providing career management skills is therefore essential and should be a part of any future-oriented educational institution - more than ever before.

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