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What does a person need to learn enthusiastically and curiously? One of the key roles is one´s own identification with the content. The less someone identifies him/herself with something, the more likely direct or indirect resistance will be. This can show itself in a variety of ways: from simple disinterest to fighting it intentionally. Identification and resistance are therefore connected very closely: with a low level of identification, there will often be a lot of resistance to be observed and vice versa. So if we experience strong resistance, we can assume that our "normal" teaching will be little effective. The result will be high frustration on the part of the teachers AND learners.

But what does it take for a student to identify more strongly with education? You identify mostly with something where your convictions are better represented. And how can I learn about my convictions and their origin? As you can see: To learn with excitement, we need to help students understand what motivates them, what they value (and why) and what they would love to achieve. And in the same moment it's maybe a good time as well to question a system of fear for bad grades and constant assessment in preset topics. For the most parts, we can observe complete overstrain, stress and resulting resistance in various forms behind all the struggles with students.

Self-awareness and self-confidents should be the basis of our efforts in education. Unless I am aware of myself, teaching and fostering skills is ineffective, and sometimes even counterproductive, as we try to educate students without real identification in the topics. And the more we build pressure to press through our curriculum, the more ineffective it becomes. As a result the resistance increases again, which ultimately - as already mentioned - ends in frustration again. What a bummer.

People are shaped by their past and they build their self-confidence and their expectations on these experiences. Unfortunately also on the negative experiences and the resulting protective mechanisms:

  • We accept a job with low responsibilities, because we had bad experiences with taking over responsibility in the past.

  • We give up quickly in any activity, because we have often failed as kids and teenagers in areas which did not fit our talents - so we are discouraged and scared to fail again.

  • We strive to be successful in just one certain area of our life and wear ourselves out, because only then we were given compliments in the past.

As soon as we enable students to discover their true potential and convictions, they will finally be able to develop their personality. It will then be easier to identify with their own convictions and to explore them in education. They can learn with excitement because they know what motivates them and what they want to learn. Thats why it is worthwhile going on a journey of discovery with Leben macht Schule!

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